A Time To Pause And Remember…

by Jeffrey Bogert on September 11, 2008

Seven years ago today I stood at this spot high on first mountain at roughly 3 in the afternoon looking east toward lower Manhattan with a crowd of shocked onlookers. A toxic billowing cloud of death, from the burning of what we now refer to as the “pile”, rose up high above of the city and blew out over the Verrazano and Staten Island.  What lay off in the distance, was in hindsight, a dramatically different future for all of us.

September 11th, Eagle Rock Reservation, BurbtimesA memorial was erected at this spot and I have returned here many times since. Sometimes I swing through on my way home from visiting my parents, other times is it grab a moment of reflective solitude to help me put things into perspective. Today, on the 7th anniversary of this great national tragedy, I arrived to string quartet playing some beautiful yet heart wrenching pieces of music. Originally I planned to interview some people who there with my Flip video camera , asking them to recount where they were that day so I could post it here. Standing in the same spot again, listening to the music, reading the names,  the raw emotions of that day came rushing back and it all felt too parasitic. I was overwhelmed, not only for what we lost that day, but for all that we have lost since as well. When we get wrapped up in the minutia of life we can sometimes forget what it important. Please take the rest of the day and spend it with the ones you love, letting them know how special they are to you.


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Steve Sears September 11, 2011 at 9:25 am


Thanks for this — beautiful post!



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