Mid-Century Modern Home Design In Montclair

by Jeffrey Bogert on April 30, 2010

Among the many Tudors, Colonials and Victorians that come up for sale here in Montclair, every now and again the rare Mid-Century Modern home becomes available to buy. These unique homes attract an equally unique type of home buyer.  Recently504 Highland Avenue  , a custom contemporary, was listed for sale and many potential buyers at the open house came out specifically to see this modern home.  Most were from Park Slope, Manhattan  or Hoboken and were looking to find a specific space in the suburbs that would be similar to their urban digs. Not surprisingly most of these potential Montclair home buyers only wanted to see this or other similar style homes. There was little interest in the traditional suburban housing stock.  Which begs the question, with such a limited supply of these mid-century modern homes available to the Montclair home buyer moving from New York City orNew Jerseys Gold Coast , is it possible to create an urbane environment within our suburban framework?Montclair's New Mid-Century Modern Furniture and Design Store

Rich Fostek and David Salvatore think you can and have just opened their new store named EDGE at 461 Bloomfield Avenue which is dedicated to mid-century modern design.  Born out of Mr. Fostek’s passion for mid-century design and Mr. Salvatore’s fashion design and retail background, the former corporate manager and his partner have created a place where anyone can benefit and enjoy these unique yet functional accoutrements.  “A mid-century modern home is not a prerequisite to enjoying their pieces. You can create this atmosphere in any style of home,” explains David. “Montclair homes have so much potential to blend elements of modern design into their more traditional style and interiors.”  “Just look at the design press and you will usually see one iconic piece of modern furniture design incorporated into the space,” say Rich Fostek

Mr. Fostek and Mr. Salvatore describe EDGE as the place to accessorize your space. Rich and David are committed to bringing good quality modern design to any style home at an affordable price.”We are looking to uphold the original spirit of modernist movement as it relates to furniture which was to bring good design that is easily replicated using modern materials and mass production methods to the masses. Over the last 50ish years there has been an evolution to more of an elitist niche. To own these original and/or licensed pieces are out of reach of many people in the new economy.  We are about 25$ to 30% of what these iconic pieces would cost regularly,” says David Salvatore.  Rich and David’s advice to the mid-century modern fan that may not have any mid-century inspired furniture yet, come into Edge take a look around at some iconic pieces and consider starting with one item.  Select a chair or coffee table to inject different color, texture and shape into a room bringing a much bolder modern feel to the space. “These are definitely statement pieces,” says David.

“We have had mid-century modern design enthusiasts come in to EDGE and comment that they have only seen these pieces in a museum.  We want to bring this experience off the screen and down to the street level. Our intent to have people come in and interact with the design and sit in the ball or egg chairs and gain a level of comfort with the pieces,” says Rich. Hell this author even witnessed Debra Galant  , the grand mistress of all things barista, having herself photographed in the ball  chaired when offered the opportunity to climb inside. Stop in and say hello to Rich and David and mention that you saw their story here on Burbtimes.

EDGE is open Tuesday – Thursday from 11-6 Friday –Saturday 12-7 and Sunday 12-5.  Phone 973-509-2400

In the meantime you can continue to search here for your Montclair Mid-Century Modern homes .

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Michael Poplawski July 8, 2011 at 10:00 am

When ever I am in Montclair I always make a stop at Edge. You really must see it to believe it. There are always new pieces on display. Sometimes I go there and just fantasize living in elegant home with their furnishings. If you think mid-century as just cold glass and chrome one visit to Edge will change your mind. Rich and David are very friendly and make you feel at ease.

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